Friday, January 6, 2012


My love for California started at the young age of 11 when my sister first told me how much she wanted to go to Los Angeles. I was that younger sibling that wanted to do everything my older sister did so I started to reading up on California and how to get to Venice beach by Greyhound. Yes you read correctly, I was saving up money to take a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Los Angeles.

It would theoretically take six days and 124 Canadian dollars for each of us to travel across America. Little by little, I would stash my allowance under my Ikea mattress in a Ziplock baggie for extra protection. This idea was eventually shut down by my parents but my sister ended up going to school in San Francisco anyway. It looks like everything turned out, except for one thing...Why am I not living there? Maybe one day, but for now here are some of the pictures from my most recent trip to California.
Laguna beach: The Cliff Restaurant
Fish tacos from George's at the Cove in La Jolla... Yum!
La Jolla Shores Beach
Surfin' California burrito from Lucha Libre near Old Town in San Diego
Watching the surfers at the famous Windansea
Getting ready for New Year's Eve in San Francisco
Cracking crab at Boudin Sourdough restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf 
Panaromic view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End

Can you tell that I love Mexican food?

Bisous fois dix.

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  1. completely adore these photos - let me know when you are back in canada next so we can catch up love xx