Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi. It's Friday. I just had a conversation with one of my colleagues about watches over a nice shot of espresso. FYI: It's very French/European to enjoy an espresso right after lunch.

So watches, the 'over priced fancy pants automatics', the 'designer's classics', and the 'I just need to tell time'.

The fancy automatics include: Rolex (duh), Tag Heuer (I have one, and it's delicious. THANK YOU E-BAY!!!), Tissot, Movado. Am I missing any? These watches are great if you work in business and if may be somewhat of a showoff (OK, let's use PROUD, that is nicer).

Not sure what an automatic watch is? Just like the name implies, an automatic watch “automatically” winds itself when worn. When you move your body, it causes the rotor (a metal weight attached to a winding mechanism) to pivot freely. The rotor rotates back and forth in a circular motion and winds the mainspring (flat coiled spring that provides power). BAM! Explained by an engineer, you lucky readers (if their are any today, who wants to read about watches anyway?!)

Most of the 'the designer's classics' are born from fashion designers that decide to start a watch line. Example: Michael Kors, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Guess etc. These are targeted for fashionistas, bloggers, and younger career women.

Lastly, the 'I just need to tell time' cheap-os include Timex, and Swatch. HEY, don't get me wrong. I've worn these for years and love their newly born stylish appearance, FOR REAL.
A few of my faves. Timex (40$), Swatch (80 Euros), Michael Kors (275$)
Have a productive Friday (me trying to convince all of you procrastinators to work harder). So that you can relax all weekend. Work hard, play harder.

bisous fois dix.
'The watch queen'

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog. My family and I lived in Paris when I was a teenager - we were there 2002-2004. I still miss it! It's fun to see another ex-pat having fun in Paris. Have a crepe for me! (and a baguette! Oh! And a tarte aux framboise! mmmm, I miss France . . . )