Friday, January 13, 2012


Hi. It's Friday. I just had a conversation with one of my colleagues about watches over a nice shot of espresso. FYI: It's very French/European to enjoy an espresso right after lunch.

So watches, the 'over priced fancy pants automatics', the 'designer's classics', and the 'I just need to tell time'.

The fancy automatics include: Rolex (duh), Tag Heuer (I have one, and it's delicious. THANK YOU E-BAY!!!), Tissot, Movado. Am I missing any? These watches are great if you work in business and if may be somewhat of a showoff (OK, let's use PROUD, that is nicer).

Not sure what an automatic watch is? Just like the name implies, an automatic watch “automatically” winds itself when worn. When you move your body, it causes the rotor (a metal weight attached to a winding mechanism) to pivot freely. The rotor rotates back and forth in a circular motion and winds the mainspring (flat coiled spring that provides power). BAM! Explained by an engineer, you lucky readers (if their are any today, who wants to read about watches anyway?!)

Most of the 'the designer's classics' are born from fashion designers that decide to start a watch line. Example: Michael Kors, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Guess etc. These are targeted for fashionistas, bloggers, and younger career women.

Lastly, the 'I just need to tell time' cheap-os include Timex, and Swatch. HEY, don't get me wrong. I've worn these for years and love their newly born stylish appearance, FOR REAL.
A few of my faves. Timex (40$), Swatch (80 Euros), Michael Kors (275$)
Have a productive Friday (me trying to convince all of you procrastinators to work harder). So that you can relax all weekend. Work hard, play harder.

bisous fois dix.
'The watch queen'

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brutal Honesty

A very large man sat beside me on the bus today. I still can't feel my left shoulder and it's already lunchtime. Did this ever happen to you?

So, what do you do?

a) Be a brutally honest bitch and switch seats?

b) Take short breaths to get enough oxygen?

c) Pretend like you got an important call and move to the other
side of the bus to avoid 'disturbing' anyone.

I chose option b) this morning. 40minutes later. I felt like I ran
for 10 km with the way I was breathing. Urg.

On a brighter note. I've been scoping Top Shop lately and stumble on some
great finds for the mid-winter season. Also, an excellent article written by Michael Arrington on Brutal Honesty. Have a lovely day.

Bisous fois dix.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 'Soldes'

 Happy Wednesday!
Here we go! The sales started at 8am this morning.
The Soldes in France come around twice a year. What is a Soldes you may ask? Basically, France holds two sales, one mid-winter (January) and one mid-summer (July). It is the time to have minor panic attacks and drive yourself a little crazy. The sales are pretty standard (this is coming from a Westerner)…But you will find insane prices by the 3ieme demarque (third mark down) which will happen around mid February.

The French typically return from vacation around this time, so you will notice a lot of fresh looking faces strutting around Paris. This means, they are ready to shop until they drop, literally. Last year, I almost got trampled at the Galleries Lafayette in Marseille over a Sandro cashmere coat. I lost. The French can be downright ruthless when it comes to clothes and getting what they want! I have no problem with that, in fact, it's helping me grow a thicker skin. Grrrrrrrr.

Hmm, that is pretty much it for now, one last thought...After returning from vacation, I finally found my groove at work this week and I really feel that I’ve learned so much in the Oil and Gas industry this past year. While it may be a tough industry to crack, it is most definitely rewarding.

Bisous fois dix.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Turmoil

Goodmorning Lovelies,

It is a Tuesday. For me, the busiest day of the week. I am at my desk already ready to take the day by storm.
T-minus one more day until the official Soldes start in France.  I can't wait to purchase a new pair of boots and Derbies. My friend Chloe just told me that men's wear is back for Spring 2012! It helps to be surrounded by men at work, I get tons of inspiration for mixing classic masculine pieces with girly shoes and accesories.

Cake Batter Spice SHOTS! Um, Yes please.

Have a beautiful and productive day. hard, play harder, and SHOP!

Bisous fois dix.

Friday, January 6, 2012


My love for California started at the young age of 11 when my sister first told me how much she wanted to go to Los Angeles. I was that younger sibling that wanted to do everything my older sister did so I started to reading up on California and how to get to Venice beach by Greyhound. Yes you read correctly, I was saving up money to take a Greyhound bus from Toronto to Los Angeles.

It would theoretically take six days and 124 Canadian dollars for each of us to travel across America. Little by little, I would stash my allowance under my Ikea mattress in a Ziplock baggie for extra protection. This idea was eventually shut down by my parents but my sister ended up going to school in San Francisco anyway. It looks like everything turned out, except for one thing...Why am I not living there? Maybe one day, but for now here are some of the pictures from my most recent trip to California.
Laguna beach: The Cliff Restaurant
Fish tacos from George's at the Cove in La Jolla... Yum!
La Jolla Shores Beach
Surfin' California burrito from Lucha Libre near Old Town in San Diego
Watching the surfers at the famous Windansea
Getting ready for New Year's Eve in San Francisco
Cracking crab at Boudin Sourdough restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf 
Panaromic view of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End

Can you tell that I love Mexican food?

Bisous fois dix.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

What are your resolutions for 2012?

1. Build more confidence at work. 2. Buy a really nice trench coat 3. Plan more mini vacations while I still live in Europe 4. Gchat with my Mom EVERYDAY 5. Stop bitting my nails. 6. Continue building a fantastic wardrobe and invest in timeless pieces rather then seasonal crap. 7. Train my butt off for the Paris Marathon 2012. 8. Manage to fit into my Manoush dress before my birthday on February 11th without splitting the zipper. 9. Hit the slopes more often. 10. Love myself, for real.

Being back in Paris is tougher then I imagined this year. After a refreshing vacation in Toronto and California, I have no choice but to keep these resolutions in mind so I can hold it together in this stuffy country.

Have a nice evening. Blah.

Bisous fois dix.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Surrounded by Men. Yay or Nay?

Have you ever felt anxious in your work environment? I use to hate that word, ‘anxiety’. It’s ugly and nothing good comes from using it. Today I’m going to rant about the pros and cons from working solely around men.

Being an engineer comes with a lot of positives. However, it also has an overwhelming amount of negatives at the beginning of your career.

Positive: I get paid well. Yay, new shoes.

Negative: I never get to talk about my shoes. All of my colleagues are men. Men like beer.

Positive: I get all the help I need when I ask nicely.

Negative: I may seem ‘helpless’ at times because I am female and we always need ‘help’

Positive: People listen when I speak during a meeting.

Negative: I might not always be heard. Men tend to have larger heads in France. Just kidding. I love you guys.

Positive: I get to solve problems everyday and it feels pretty damn good when I get the answer.

Negative: My nails are a mess when I can’t solve the problem and hurt the next day.

Positive: Marathon trainning is a blast with a ton of boys!

Negative: Sometimes they run too fast and leave me behind. Jerks.

Positive: I don’t have to wear suits to work.

Negative: Men at work don’t make comments on my brand outfit. Common. Throw me a compliment once in a while! Uhh, where the ladies at?!

If you are a female out there working in a male dominated field. Don't be afraid to strut your new shoes around the office and show those men what you are capable of!

Bisous fois dix