About Me

An ex pat living in Paris. Born in 1987, I grew up for the  most part of my life in Toronto, Canada. After training to be an national level swimmer, my life took a turn as I decided to accept an athletic scholarship to the University of Rhode Island. I started studying Marine Biology until strongly convinced otherwise (thanks Dad). My career in engineering began the moment I said (with my head up high) ''Dad, I'm going to become an engineer, for you''. To this day I'm still unsure of his reaction...Although I'm pretty sure it was, omg-my-daughter-has-no-idea-what-she-has-gotten-herself-into look. After a grueling 4 years of training on the swim team (rowing team in the off season) and attempting to complete dual degrees in Ocean/Mechanical Engineering and French, I flew straight to France with hopes of completing my degree as an International Engineer (seriously click on the link, you will laugh out loud). My adventure in France began in Compiegne, where I finished my engineering degree in 6 months, found myself an internship in the south of France, and most likely found the man of my dreams. Whew. Next came, Marseille. I was entering the 'real world'. And it was a slap in the face/kick in the stomach kind of wake up call. To say the least, I survived ONE whole year in Marseille as a working girl. My boyfriend and I decided it was time for us to live in the same city...

Paris. Oh beautiful, life sucking, can't-get-enough-of Paris.

So here you go. I hope that helped. I'm an engineer by day and fashion-diva-food-coinnoisseur by night. Follow my daily life adventures, weekend favorites, step-by-step recipes and fashion interests!

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