Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Surrounded by Men. Yay or Nay?

Have you ever felt anxious in your work environment? I use to hate that word, ‘anxiety’. It’s ugly and nothing good comes from using it. Today I’m going to rant about the pros and cons from working solely around men.

Being an engineer comes with a lot of positives. However, it also has an overwhelming amount of negatives at the beginning of your career.

Positive: I get paid well. Yay, new shoes.

Negative: I never get to talk about my shoes. All of my colleagues are men. Men like beer.

Positive: I get all the help I need when I ask nicely.

Negative: I may seem ‘helpless’ at times because I am female and we always need ‘help’

Positive: People listen when I speak during a meeting.

Negative: I might not always be heard. Men tend to have larger heads in France. Just kidding. I love you guys.

Positive: I get to solve problems everyday and it feels pretty damn good when I get the answer.

Negative: My nails are a mess when I can’t solve the problem and hurt the next day.

Positive: Marathon trainning is a blast with a ton of boys!

Negative: Sometimes they run too fast and leave me behind. Jerks.

Positive: I don’t have to wear suits to work.

Negative: Men at work don’t make comments on my brand outfit. Common. Throw me a compliment once in a while! Uhh, where the ladies at?!

If you are a female out there working in a male dominated field. Don't be afraid to strut your new shoes around the office and show those men what you are capable of!

Bisous fois dix


  1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog! I've loved looking through your posts recently and thought your critique of the pros and cons of working with men was hilarious (especially the part about shoes)!! I love how your blog gives insight on the Parisian life style :) I'm glad you stopped by my blog! I'd love to stay in contact as a fellow city blogger! Send me an email when you get a chance! My email:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. What a lovely blog!!!
    So great to hear about Paris day to day!
    Which reminds me I need to get to the flea markets quick - going to book the Eurostar now!