Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eat, Drink, Dance and be Merry.

 Goodmorning all! Lately, I have been feeling extra warm inside. After sending all my Christmas cards out last night, I truly feel like the Holiday season is upon us. What a relief, after all this rain in Paris, I am going to need all the chaleur ('warmth' in French) that I can get. The store decorations in Paris are to die for, so look forward to an upcoming post! For now, we should all Eat, Drink, Dance, and be Merry...

Red Dresses By Modcloth. Click to buy
Four of my favorite Holiday Decorites by Martha Stewart.
Starfish Christmas Tree from Pinterest.
Favorite Christmas finds from Pinterest. 
Heartful Holiday Table Decor from  Pinterest. 

Put your best dress on, dance until you fall, eat until you are full, drink until you are tipsy and for the love of God BE MERRY!

Bisous fois dix.

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