Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gifts for the Mister in your life

Who doesn't love impressing the man in their lives? The goal is to make our boyfriends think that we are 'the one' by buying the coolest gift he has ever gotten. Whether its your boyfriend, brother, uncle, or dad these gifts will make any guy jump for joy...

(1) GoPro HD Helmet Hero for the extremist. Click to Buy

(2) Bose Noise cancelling ear phones for the traveler. Click to Buy
(3) Gold Complete Beer Equipment kit. Click to Buy
(4) Do you know a sports enthusiast? Game tickets, movie stubs, any kind of event is a great gift (always buy two tickets). Click to Buy
(5) Mini Kegerator Refridgerator & Draft beer dispenser = AWESOME. Click to Buy
(6) Hugo Boss Money Clip for the stylish guy. Click to Buy
(7) Steve Jobs (Hardcover) and the new Iphone4 hidden inside the book! Click to Buy

(8) Kindle Fire, just like the Ipad but wayyy cheaper. He can read, watch movies, tv shows, download apps, and use Pandora, Hulu, Netflix. Click to Buy

(9) If you have the budget for a pricey gift, a stylish watch is the way to go. Shop for a Tag Heuer (a little less cheaper than a Rolex but still has status). Click to Buy

(10) Weekend Vacation! Wrap up the plans or a subtle hint and hit the road for a romantic ski weekend or a beach getaway.

I hope this helps! Sometimes it can be soo hard to find that perfect gift. But don't stress, keep your cool and when in doubt use they have an easy to use Gift Center. Happy Shopping.

Bisous fois dix


  1. Great post! It's always a problem what to give for a man who has everything!;) most of the times I go for a trip: excitingtwo of you time and def fun:)



  2. I love this post! Shopping for the men in your life can be difficult, but this guide is perfect! I'm especially loving the mini keg 'fridge and dispenser! Perfect! Love your blog, dear. I'll definitely be back for more inspirations!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my site!
    xoxoo chloe **