Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I need a hug.

Goodmorning lovelies! As you might already know, I am Canadian. (Click Here for the Molson Canadian Lyrics: I am Canadian Rant). Living in France has been a struggle from Day 1. Especially because of the lack of Hugs. I mean it's great that the French greet each other with a 'bisous'. BUT, I can use a friendly bear hug once in a while. Especially since it has been raining nonstop over here!

P.S., if you are also here in Paris and looking for that hug, it is more openly accepted in the South of France. I've tested this theory before. Oh and avoid trying to give your favorite colleagues a hug. Your good intentions turn into a plain awkward situation.
 Have a beautiful day and hug the one you love for goodness sake!

Bisous fois dix.

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