Friday, December 16, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Living with Your Boyfriend who is Looking for Work.

Pro: The bed is always made.

Con: The kitchen sink remains a mess.

Pro: TV shows are always downloaded (we don't have American channels in Paris so Megavideo is a must).
Con: The last cup of Orange juice you were dying to chug after a workout, is already gone. And not REPLACED.

Pro: A well rested boyfriend with a giant smile on his face.

Con: You have to watch him sleep in while you quietly get ready for work.

Pro: Gchatting throughout the day :)

Con: Clothes Everywhere!

Pro: Clean Laundry, but still Clothes Everywhere!


I've ran out of Cons.

This is dedicated to the man of dreams, Jeremiah. Without you, I would be under a bridge somewhere in Marseille. You have watched more episodes of The City than the average dude and I love you to pieces for it.


  1. SPOT ON! what a funny post. i can sincerely relate to you. our kitchen sink has been crawling with bacteria.

  2. Ha. Hi Martha. This is a great post. I totally get the clean laundry but clothes everywhere...