Sunday, November 13, 2011


Ok ok ok... This may be one of the upcoming-hipster-place-to-to-be in Paris at the moment. Candelaria is the SPOT for Mexican treats (guac and tosdadas) and delicious cocktails. Unfortunately it has become so popular... so be prepared to be standing on your feet the entire night (even while eating).

Hopefully you aren't Hangry (Hungry + Angry) before you get there and don't have a lot of patience like me. You can reserve a table a few nights ahead of time and Mondays the lounge in the back of the restaurant is reserved for events. I got to see Vanessa Bruno last time I went on a Monday.

The cocktails are expensive and take a while to prepare but they are definitely worth the wait. I suggest the Pisco Disco cocktail.
The restaurant in the front holds a maximum of 15 people and you enter the lounge through a non-obvious door past the kitchen. The place is always packed! So dress to impress and order the Nopal Taco (hard taco shell with re fried beans, cooked cactus and cheese).

Picture courtesy of Candelaria on Facebook
The address is on the website! Have fun and be sure to get there around 8pm to ensure a good seat. 
I hope you enjoyed my first restaurant post!

Bisous fois dix 


  1. Hey Martha, tu sais à quoi m'a fait penser le nom de ton blog? Hihi, enjoy ;)

  2. Can not wait to try it. Any cheap flights available now?