Friday, November 18, 2011

Red Red Wine: Beaujolais

Hi guys! In France, it is officially time to celebrate Beaujolais! On the Third Thursday of every November the country celebrates a very young wine (6 weeks old) called Beaujolais from the historical region of Beaujolais. This is probably one of the countrie's most popular 'commercialised holidays' (yes, it even beats Halloween). Festivals take place all over the country with the largest in Beaujeu. The massive party is called Sarmentelles.

In Lyon (South-East of France) they host Beaujolympiades!

And in Paris, you can find a vast array of parties held by certain restaurants and bars.

Here is a list of places to celebrate the french tradition and get really drunk (hey, I'm allowed to be blunt. It's my blog).

(1)  Le Petit Chavignol, rue de Tocqueville in the XVIIe arrondissement

(2)  Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, in the Marais, lots of hippies and late-night parties

(3)  Rue de Verneuil, shopping and drinking! YES PLEASE

(4) Rue des Martyrs, in Montmartre, go here for a village vibe with a lot of locals.

(5) Rue Paul Lelong, in the 2nd, the intersection is blocked for this fiesta

(6) at the Mairie in the 2nd arrondissement

I hope this map helps.
Beaujolais wine is served chilled and can be paired with picnic foods and salads! What a great way to celebrate tradition.

Have fun and enjoy this year's Beaujolais. This will be a perfect wine to serve as an Aperitif (drink before dinner) for Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for my tips on how to prepare a stress free Thanksgiving feast in Paris.

bisous fois dix


  1. And it's cheap!!! I'm gonna grab some thanks for the tip. Also the new title is sweet. Love the bisous life

  2. Yummy i want that salad now :)x