Thursday, November 10, 2011

Walk your Way to Success

Mid-day through work on a busy Wednesday. You find yourself rubbing your feet vigorously under your desk trying to get the feeling back in your toes...It happened again, those promised-comfortable-work-shoes failed again. Either the leather isn't soft enough yet, the peep toe is squeezing your nails together, you've stained the shoe from your bloody blistery heel, and your fresh pedicure is ruined. Finally, you aren't too sure how to make it through the rest of the day without walking around barefoot. Off the bat,

1) ALWAYS slip a pair of ballet flats and band aids in your bag when wearing new shoes to work.
2) Here are some shoes that I've tried and tested in my workplace.
(1) Klass Blue Suede Tassel Loafer, $100 TopShop. (2) Marais T-Strap Stud Flats, $110 Les Nouvelles. (3) Add a Western vibe with these 150$ Zara boots 
(4) Perfect with a black mini and tights 79 Euros Red Boots from Zara 
(5) Oxford Platform from 99Euros Zara 
Have an amazing day! Looks like we have some warm November in Paris today (about 15 deg celsisus), although overcast so don't forget a scarf! Look forward to my post on Candelaria tonight.

Bisous fois dix.


  1. thank you! if you like the blue colored loafers, i really suggest that you buy them! So comfortable and they go perfectly with slim jeans and a collared shirt.

  2. I must say...I have never experienced this with my shoes. Good to know nonetheless. -Graham