Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sex and coffee in Paris.

Hear ye hear ye! Top headlines in Paris as of last week: free condoms with a coffee in Parisien bars and cafes. Ladies and gents, the big news of the day... enjoy a delicious cup of mocha and safe sex!
Victoria Beckham's Emporio Armani ad summer 2009 (I thought it was appropriate)
The coffee and condoms will be offered in bars and restaurants located in the 18e arrondissement Today in Paris.

The campaign is obviously directed towards todays tweeners which are being exposed to sex at an early age. With hopes that the Twilight era will protect themselves from a mishap or Even worse a half-human half-vampire hybrid named Renesmee (ok ok i did watch Twilight). Where was I? Right, free condoms in Paris. Over 130 000 condoms were distributed in cafes and bars found in the 3e, 4e, 9e, 10e, 19e, and 20e arrondissements. Here is the info.

(1) 3e arrondissement: Info
(2) 4e arrondissement:
28 november - 4 décember: Info
(3) 9e arrondissement 
30 november - 5 décember: Info
(4) 13e arrondissement 
30 novembre - 4 décember: List of bars and cafes in pdf 
(5) 18e arrondissement 
28 november - 4 décember: Info 
(6) 19e arrondissement 
1st - 4 décember: Info

So sattle up, buckle down, and ride away safely ;)

Happy sexing or sexting (I can't keep up with this lingo)!

Bisous fois dix

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