Monday, November 28, 2011

What to eat when...

HAPPY MONDAY! I know double blah. It's always around this time of the year when it starts getting colder day by day. After a successful Thanksgiving weekend here in Paris, it's back to the daily grind. P.S, is it just me or does is everyone at work sick?! Enjoy this post of what to eat when...

(1) You can't afford to get sick.

Grab a slice of watermelon. It's packed with an antioxidant called glutathione and it will help you replenish necessary fluids.

(2) You are restless and absolutely need to fall asleep before your big meeting tomorrow!

POPCORN! Yup, that's right. Help yourself to two cups of popcorn. The carbs will create serotine allowing your body to relax and de-stress.

(3) You are stressed out. 

Chocolate. A few squares of dark chocolate will do the trick and fight those raging hormones.

(4) You are feeling mega negative. 

Prepare some fresh salmon in the oven or frying pan. The omega-3 fatty acids will lift your spirits.

(5) You are heading to the gym and starving. 

Make yourself a smoothie about an hour before you go. Combine fruit, low-fat milk and protein powder.

(6) Urg, Migraine. 

Prevent those bang-your-head-against-your-desk headaches by eating a hearty breakfast with a cup of oatmeal and almonds and a glass of green tea. The oatmeal and almonds are full of magnesium and the green tea is infused with anti-inflammatory magic that will bring down the swelling in your blood vessels.

(7) Falling asleep after a hearty lunch. 

Almonds and pistachios! (Not too many, they are very high in calories) The fiber and protein will give you a boost. Oh, and try some cranberries for that sugar boost.

(8) When are you taking antibiotics. 

Yogurt will give you the necessary calcium to keep you strong while your body fights against whatever you are battling.

If you are in France. STAY WARM. Paris is getting colder and colder. Have a beautiful day!

Bisous fois dix.

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