Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Favorites: Thanksgiving prep and then some.

Whew, what a busy weekend! After returning the overly priced items of clothing I purchased last week (not mentioning the store hint: rhymes with Tara) and competing the entire Sunday it certainly did not feel like a weekend should. In any case, I've had Thanksgiving to-do lists overtaking my thoughts for the past few days and I decided that it was time to create a plan. Here are some helpful hints for those of you that will be entertaining in North America and the very few of us celebrating in Paris.

(1) Prepare your guest list and double check that everyone left an R.S.V.P. I mean leftovers are great and all but you don't want to get stuck with not having enough food.

(2) Shop early to avoid lines (grocery stores can get crowed in North America). Shop here in Paris.
Discover Paris' most exciting emporium for all-American edibles, and the culinary aids to create them perfectly

(3) Prepare the turkey size that you will need and the recipes before you hit the store. To order a turkey in Paris: First of all turkeys in France are not as big as they are in North America. So keep that in mind when you are preparing your guest list.  You can find a 10kg turkey if you have a good butcher and be sure to order in advance. If your butcher can't do it or laughs in your face or doesn't understand what you are saying go to the butcher at 79 rue Seine 75006 PARIS (01 55 42 65 65).

(4) Go shopping the day before.

(5) Set the table the morning of oh and prepare your glam outfit as well.

(6) Cook your heart and soul away the day of. Try not to make dishes that you have never done before or test them out a few days ahead of the event.

(7) Keep it simple and have fun!

For the decor, I added some ideas below. If you are like me, I prefer to keep it simple and classy. This year I adore red berries, anywhere and everywhere and in everything! You can also insert falls leaves into glass ornaments and hang them from light fixtures.

Personalize with name tags around wine glasses. Source
Simple and easy to prepare. Have fun picking leaves outside!
So easy and looks great at night. Source
Berries Berries BERRIES! Pick them up at your local market (my favorite is marche Raspail in Paris neat Montparnasse)
Easy peasy decor with nature accents! Who doesn't love pine cones around the house. Source
Personalize with cute cards placed around your table setting. Source

Et Voilà! Plenty of creative ideas and tips for your big day! Don't stress too much (that's more for me) and enjoy your company. IF, everything goes and to shit and you burn the your turkey have no fear! Enjoy a traditional turkey dinner at Le Saint-Martin. It is located near Canal St-Martin so nice for a walk after that large dinner. Today in Paris, overcast and light rain. I'm definetely not enjoying the view from my new desk at work. Blah.

bisous fois dix.

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